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Janice Lyn Muaythai IFMA genomineerd voor atleet van het jaar!

Janice Lyn had een zware start bij TWG2017 en ze was er kapot van haar eerste wedstrijd te verliezen na een close contest.

Nochtans bleef zij de gevechten elke dag bijwonen, onder gejuich en steun van haar vrienden. Ze heeft zelfs vrienden gemaakt met de vrijwilligers en hen geholpen wanneer dat nodig was. Dit is de ware geest van vechtsporten: deel te nemen aan iets dat groter is dan jij en de goedheid te zien van wat er gebeurt, ongeacht winnen of verliezen, zo luidt de aankondiging op de website waar je kunt stemmen. Vanuit Nederland krijgt zij steun van onder andere Muay Thai grootheid  Duran Ebren! Via Social Media vraagt zij aandacht voor het Muay thai en haar nominatie, stem dus mee!

I am so happy to announce that I have been nominated for the International World Games Association (IWGA) Athlete of the Year for 2017!

To be brutally honest, I was extremely confused at the nomination because 1) I didn’t medal at The World Games and 2) There were many muaythai athletes at TWG who had phenomenal performances and are exceptional leaders of the sport. So I asked Mr. Stephan Fox, how and why?
He said I was nominated because of my character and what I have given back to the sport. Even though I did not medal, I continued to move forward and that’s what champions do. In sport and in life, it’s not always about winning. Oftentimes, our greatest lessons are learned when we lose.

So the IWGA really liked that and accepted the nomination. I had spoken at a press conference at the IWGA in Wroclaw and they liked how I responded to the questions and they also liked how I appreciated the work of the volunteers.

At first I didn’t agree with this nomination, but I see how it is inspirational and important to other athletes.

Sometimes, as successful athletes who have won multiple championships and fights, we don’t realize that people are still watching. The fans, supporters, your family and loved ones still look up to you even when you lose. When you win, it’s fun, it’s easy to celebrate and to the athlete, your importance is clear. When you lose, for the athlete, it’s not that clear, you get depressed, you get down on yourself, but people still respect you even when you feel they shouldn’t.

It is what you do even after you fall that earns even more respect and draws more inspiration and hope to your fans, the younger generation and older generations. Even though I felt horrible for losing and letting my team and fans down, I DID continue to move forward like I always do. Of course we want to win, but the success and drive comes from your initial passion and it’s not tested until you get knocked down. I have always moved forward and have been passionate about what I do.

So I take this nomination confidently because I stand for everyone who has lost and gotten right back up.

I am proud to be a product of my Kru, Kru Darwin Miranda and his father, Ajahn Suchart (the father of muaythai in Canada) and his teachings of the art, I am proud to be a part of the IFMA – International Federation of Muaythai Amateur family and really blessed to be mentored by Mr. Stephan Fox because I feel good that Muaythai can stand solid amongst other Olympic sports and our athletes can be inspirational leaders of SPORT as a whole with the 5 pillars of muaythai as our backbone: Respect, Honor, Tradition, Fair Play and Excellence.

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